1.1              Application is made to Secretary, MAB who:-

  • acknowledges receipt by date-stamping and assigning it an application no. e.g. SG 1/16, SG2/16, SG3/016 denoting the sequence in which they were received and the year received)
  • also checks fulfillment of legal requirements of the application.

Criteria for Recommending Special Grant Applications

1.2              The MAB considers every application brought before it and reports thereon to the Minister with its recommendations, whether the application should be granted or refused.

1.3              In consideration of the application the MAB looks for the following:-

  • the background of the applicant(s);
  • their programme of work;
  • proof of technical expertise;
  • whether the  applicant is a fit and proper person to be issued with a special grant;
  • the financial status of the applicant; and
  • whether it would be in the national interest to issue the special grant.