The ministry of mines and mining development offers a range of services related to mines and minerals.

Mining Engineering

  • Inspection of mines with view of enforcing mining and explosives’ regulations
  • Maintaining regional records on all mining equipment with special emphasis on hoisting ropes.
  • Investigation of all serious and fatal mine accidents
  • Conduct statutory and Blasting License examinations to supply competent personnel for the mining industry
  • Attend to applications for exemptions/ relaxations from legal requirements
  • Provide advice to Small Scale Miners on mining Techniques, safety, health and environmental issues
  • Approve and Inspect all Explosives Storage Facilities
  • Approve and recommend on Siting of Works Plan as well as Special Grant applications
  • Commission and Inspection of plant, equipment, boilers and equipment
  • Appointment of Mine and Mill Managers
  • Advise and provide mining loans and equipment
  • Mechanical and Electrical engineering.
  • Ventilation and Environmental Control.
  • Mine Survey.
  • Mine Engineering
  • Empower small-scale miners through provision of appropriate technologies and loan facilities.
  • Manage the Mining Industry Development Fund
  • Monitor mining operations


Metallurgical Engineering

  • Inspection of Custom milling plants, Elution plants for certification and recommendations
  • Inspection of all Mineral processing plants for general compliance with regulations including material balance and accounting
  • Inspection of Special Grants and Siting of Works Plans
  • Export Samples Verification
  • Visit chrome smelting refiners from time to time for on-the-ground fact finding and updating
  • Give technical advice to mineral processors especially small to medium groups
  • Issuance of Carbon Movement Permits
  • Verification of Production returns [cyanidation, elution, custom milling log books]



  • Technical Assistance to Small Scale Miners
  • Documentation of Geological matters, Technical Reports
  • Rock and Mineral Identification for Prospective Miners
  • Field Mapping, Sample Collection
  • New Registration Inspections
  • Mine Audits
  • Library


  • Registration of mining claims
  • Solve mining disputes
  • Inspection of Special Grants
  • Processing of Siting of Works
  • Mine Audits


  • Transport Management
  • Procurement
  • Internal Management
  • Asset Management
  • Secretarial
  • Stores Management

Mining law and administration

  • To enforce the provisions of the Mines and Minerals Act (chapter 21:05) and other appropriate legislation
  • Granting of Mining Rights in the following forms
  • Certificates of Registration of mining Claims
  • Special grants
  • Mining leases
  • Exclusive Prospecting Orders
  • Registration of Custom Millers
  • Initiate legislation and recommend amendments when necessary
  • Preside over miner/farmer and miner/miner disputes
  • Create and maintain an accurate database for all registration, cancellation and production
  • Curb leakages of gold/precious stones.
  • Co-ordinate mineral policy planning and development.
  • Promote investment in the mining industry from both local and foreign investors.
  • Monitor and supervise the performance of mining Parastatals and State Companies.
  • Compile and analyse national mineral production statistics.
  • Monitor marketing of minerals both internal and external.
  • Monitor imports of minerals and minerals bearing products into the country.
  • Evaluate and promote the development of a coal bed methane gas industry in the country.
  • Monitor and maintain an up to date record of new and old mines as to their production levels, employment trends and revenue fluctuations.
  • Monitor imports of mineral bearing products brought into the country for processing and eventual re-export.
  • Evaluate possibilities for the development of value added processing of minerals such as iron ore, platinum group metals, granite, tantalite, gold, chromite and coal.
  • Monitor and develop ways of encouraging and eventual transformation of small-scale mining into medium or large-scale mining.
  • Manpower development
  • Career guidance
  • Counselling
  • Human capacity development
  • Discipline
  • Grievance handling
  • Terminations
  • Leave management
  • Receipting
  • Debtors
  • Sub collectors
  • Banking
  • Mining Industry Loan Fund
  • Registering all documents
  • Retrieval of current dockets and cards
  • Retrieval of semi current information thus forfeiture cards
  • Opening of new dockets, transfers and tributes
  • Recording incoming and outgoing information
  • Monitoring the movement of files that is dockets and cards

Mining promotions

  • Promoting the optimal exploitation of Zimbabwe’s mineral resources
  • Integrating the mining industry with all other sectors of the economy
  • Providing geo-physics information on mineral exploration
  • Providing funds to small scale miners

Human Resources


Records and information

File confidential mine fatal accidents report

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