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Provincial Mining Director - Matabeleland South Province

New Government Complex Block

Cnr 3rd Avenue/ Queens Street 

P.O. Box 13


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Deputy Director- Matabeleland South Province

New Government Complex Block

Cnr 3rd Avenue/ Queens Street 

P.O. Box 13


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The section has three (3) Metallurgical Engineers and three (3) Metallurgical Technicians to assist processing and beneficiation plants in the province. Services offered include:

Mining Engineering


To enable the sustainable development of the mining industry consistent with sound health, safety and environmental management through the delivery of quality services for the best contribution to the social and economic well – being of Zimbabwe

Services offered

  1. Mine Inspection /Audit work:
  • Inspect all producing mining locations
  • Inspect statutory mine plans every six months



The Geology section currently consists of three geologists and three geological technicians.


Mr N.G Chibaira

Ms F. Mafirakureva

Mr T. L. Mutseka


Mr L. Dube

Mr A. O. Tafirenyika

Miss R. Musinga


Provincial Mining Director’s Office

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  •   Represent the Ministry at Provincial level.
  •   Coordinate the administration of the Mines and Minerals Act.
  •   Formulate and review of Provincial mining policies and strategies.
  •   Implement all Ministry policies and programmes at Provincial level.
  •   Coordinate and maintain mining best practices in the Province.
  •   Implement mining best practices in the Province.
  •   Recommend and facilitate the registration and recording of mining claims, sites and mining leases.
  •   Facilitate the processing of Special Grants.

Gold Production

Matabeleland South province is gold country with the mineral accounting for all active mining activity save for limestone at Collen Bawn, Gwanda. There are 6711 registered mining claims in the province and of these 5772 are registered for gold and 989 are registered as base metal claims. The province has consistently been the top gold producing province in the recent past five or so years. In How Mine and Blanket Mine, the province has two producers in the top five of the country’s biggest gold producers. Not far off is Vubachikwe Mine in Gwanda. Also in Gwanda are the province’s mid-tier producers, Farvic and Jessie mines.


The geology of Matabeleland province is a microcosm of the geology of the country in which almost all the geological terranes or types akin thereto occur across the province. This is indeed reflected in the high number of economic minerals or mineral types which occur elsewhere in the country also occurring in the province. The table below shows the economic minerals, their significant mine / district occurrences, including mine examples in the province and the geologic terranes in which they occur,




Mat South Offices

The Matabeleland South province has made significant progress in moving to the province’s administrative city of Gwanda where the Ministry has acquired office accommodation for the better servicing of the province’s miners. A satellite office will be retained in Bulawayo to cater for miners in the immediate environs of Bulawayo metropolitan province falling within the Matabeleland South administrative province, of which there is a significant number.


Matabeleland South mining province, occupying the south west and southern portions of the country comprises seven administrative districts, namely, Bulilima, Mangwe, Matobo, Umzingwane, Insiza, Gwanda and Beitbridge. Fort Tuli, in the Beitbridge districts marked the entry point of the Pioneer Column as it entered the country principally in pursuit of its gold riches in 1890. The fort, although not a gold post has other mineral riches in hosting substantive reserves of coal in a province replete with other mineral resources.