Services Offered

The ministry of mines and mining development offers a range of services related to mines and minerals.

Mines In Matabeleland North Province

The province is largely dominated by gold mines followed by coal mines in Hwange area.  Big mining houses include How mine, Turk, Old Nic and Isabella for gold whilst Hwange Colliery, Makomo resources are the defending coal mining giants in the country at large. There is a total of 35 prominent gold miners in the province. Small scale gold miners are also contribute immensely to the gold production of the province as there is an excess of 2500 registered small scale gold miner. 

Large Scale mines

1)      How Mine                                                                                           Gold

2)      Turk Mine                                                                                           Gold

3)      Old Nic Mine                                                                                      Gold

4)      Issabella Mine                                                                                     Gold

5)      Hwange colliery Company                                                                 Coal

6)      Galpex Mine                                                                                       Coal

Medium scale mines

1)      Morven Mine                                                                                      Gold

2)      Queens Mine                                                                                       Gold

3)      Carry Mine                                                                                          Gold

4)      Durban Mine                                                                                       Gold

5)      Charlisona Mine                                                                                  Gold

6)      Lonely Mine                                                                                        Gold

Small Scale Mines

1)      Water witch Mine                                                                               Gold

2)      Pinafore Mine                                                                                     Gold

3)      Master cecil Mine                                                                                Gold

4)      Jumpers Mine                                                                                      Gold

5)      Peter pan Mine                                                                                    Gold

6)      Newtonfontein Mine                                                                          Gold

Artisanal Scale Mines

Excess of about 2500 are registered 

Mine Rescue And Emergencies

In case of mine accidents, we have well trained proto teams in the province which include How mine and Hwange Colliery Company proto team.

Competent rescue teams are Turk mine and old Nic Mine rescue team.

Elution Plants

1)      Pottery Industries

2)      Rosall Elution services

3)      B Zhala Mine Elution

4)      Nugget Elution

5)      Baragon Elution

6)      Carbon Processors Elutions

Tillcrest Marketing Elution

Milling Centres

1)      Coronation 2A

2)      Hope Fountain (Fools investments)

3)      Tuffnut

4)      Criterion

5)      Carry Mine

6)      Yakutsi marketing

7)      Elumba

8)      Fauglah Ballagh

9)      Mohem south

10)  Douglas2

11)  Exachange B

12)  Turk Mine

13)  Old Nic Mine

14)  Pinafore south

15)  Belfast 31

16)  Kildalon

17)  Morven

18)  Master cecil Mine

19)  Willsgroove 45

20)  Imp2