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Acting Deputy Director - Matabeleland North Province

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About Matebeleland North

The dominium in and the right of searching and mining for and disposing of all minerals, mineral oils and natural gases, notwithstanding the dominium or right which any person may possess in and to the soil on or under which such minerals, mineral oils and natural gases are found or situated, is vested in the president, subject to the mines and minerals act chapter 21:05. Ministry of mines and mining development is hereby mandated on behalf of the state to oversee all mines and mineral related in Zimbabwe as an arm of government.

Matabeleland North Province

Matabeleland North is a province in western Zimbabwe.  It borders with the provinces of Midlands, Mashonaland West to the east and northeast respectively, the province of Matabeleland South while encompassing the city of Bulawayo to the south extreme. The Zambezi River defines its Northern border, while its western border is shared with the country of Botswana.  It has an area of 75,025 km² and a population of approximately 700,000 (2002). Lupane is the provincial capital , with  Bulawayo metropolitan, Hwange    and  Victoria    Falls    as    the    main towns    in    this  province. 


       I.            Office of the Provincial Mining Director

                                                              i.      Administration

                                                            ii.      Human Resources

                                                          iii.      Accounts

                                                          iv.      Records and information

                                                            v.      Drivers

    II.            Mining Engineering

                                                              i.      Mines and explosives Inspectorate

                                                            ii.      Mechanical and Electrical Inspectorate


Exploration of Uranium is still being done in Hwange and Binga. Uranium is mainly used in nuclear reactors in generation of electricity..

Coal-Bed Methane Gas

Coal-bed methane or natural gas occurs in the Matabeleland North province of Zimbabwe in the Hwange-Binga-Lupane area as well as the South east Lowveld area in Chiredzi. Natural gas occurs in the Karoo stratigraphic sequence above coal measures.  


Uses of natural gas include domestic use for heating and cooking, industrial uses in electricity generation and production of chemicals such as ammonia based fertilizers.


Currently there are two mining companies registered by the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development to mine Natural gas in the Lupane area.

  1. Zambezi gas (Pvt) Ltd
  2. Discovery Investments (Pvt) Ltd

Coal Mining

The following are coal mining companies in the Matabeleland North Province;

1. Coal Brick Pvt Ltd

2. Makomo Resources

3. Zambezi Gas (Pvt) Ltd

4. China Africa Sunlight pvt ltd

  1. Lusulu coal
  2. Hwange colliery

The Matabeleland North province produces most of the county’s coal, contributing immensely to the production electricity, thermal energy for industry and agriculture. Coal has been explored extensively around the country and mining has been going on smoothly and new mining companies are now venturing into coal, the likes of Zambezi Gas Pvt Ltd.

Energy Minerals

  1. Coal
  2. Gas
  3. Uranium- Hwange,Binga

Precious minerals

Diamonds- Bubi, Wessels and Colossus

Diamonds- Binga, Sebungwe

Kimberlites were discovered some time ago but the exploration of these diamondiferous rocks has to be fully explored.

Base minerals

Tungsten, Nickel, Tin, Calcite, Graphite, Barytes, Fluorite, Lead, Copper, Arsenic, Tantalite, Amethysy, Agate, Vanadium, Mercury, Mica, Asbestos, Kaolin, Clay, Fireclay, Flintclay, Sandstone, Granite, Slate