Key Duties and Responsibilities

  •   Represent the Ministry at Provincial level.
  •   Coordinate the administration of the Mines and Minerals Act.
  •   Formulate and review of Provincial mining policies and strategies.
  •   Implement all Ministry policies and programmes at Provincial level.
  •   Coordinate and maintain mining best practices in the Province.
  •   Implement mining best practices in the Province.
  •   Recommend and facilitate the registration and recording of mining claims, sites and mining leases.
  •   Facilitate the processing of Special Grants.
  •   Recommend the issuing of prospecting licences.
  •   Chair the Provincial Advisory Board.
  •   Manage all Provincial Section Heads.
  •   Supervise support service staff at Provincial office.
  •   Coordinate the Results Based Management System for the province.
  •   Any other duties assigned by the Principal Director.
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