1.1              Application is made to Secretary, Mining Affairs Board who:-

  • acknowledges receipt of application by date-stamping and assigning it an application number e.g. EPO 1/09 (or EPO Application No. 1 of 2009), EPO 2/09 denoting the sequence in which they were received and the year received.
  • also checks fulfillment of legal requirements of the application.

1.2              Procedures of acquiring an EPO are detailed on the table below:


Processing Steps for Exclusive Prospecting Orders




MAB Secretariat /Legal Services

Zimbabwe Geological Survey  [ZGS]

MAB chaired by the Permanent Secretary

Minister/ President

  1. 1.        Application Submission
  2. Accepts and assigns Application Number in the format Serial No./Year [eg 01/09…..217/09.]
  3. Sends Application copy to ZGS




  1. 2.        Application Verification


Checks on:

  • Area for overlaps etc;
  • Work programme
  • Budget
  • Company profile
  • Minerals sought
  • Technical expertise
  • Expected results



  1. 3.        Application Noting


Recommends Applications to be noted after above assessment.

Based on available information application is NOTED or REJECTED


  1. 4.        Application Gazettal
  • Reserves area.
  • Draft General notice sent to Attorney General for checking


Publishes checked notice in Government Gazette for objections within 21 days.


  1. 5.        Application Consideration

Invites Company to appear before MAB for interview


  1. Interview conducted
  2. Consideration for recommendation or rejection made.


  1. 6.        Application recommendation and Approval
  • Assigns EPO No. eg 4886….
  • Prepares Cabinet minute to President, supporting memo and draft General Notice of Order.
  • Draft Notice sent to AG’s Office



General Notice sent to Minister and then to President for APPROVAL or REJECTION.

  1. 7.        EPO Gazettal
  • Approved General Notice sent for Gazettal.
  • Approved Order sent to Applicant




  1. 8.        EPO Work Monitoring
  • Receives Six-monthly progress reports.
  • Sends copies to ZGS.
  • Evaluates six-monthly reports.
  • Visits exploration sites.
  • Makes recommendations to MAB.
  • Compiles geo-technical data from EPO’s

Accepts or rejects continuation of exploration work.


Mining Affairs Board Criteria For Recommending EPO Applications

1.3              In making the recommendation the Board looks at the following (or should be satisfied with the following):-

  • the applicant(s)’ background;
  • corporate structure
  • that the applicant is a fit and proper person to obtain an Order and is of adequate financial standing to undertake such operations under an EPO;
  • that it would not be against national interest to make such an order;
  • the applicant’s programme of work; and
  • technical expertise;

1.4              The EPO is transferable with recommendations from the President.