9.1 Department’s obligations to clients:


  • To establish functional and efficient relationships with clients.
  • To provide quality service.
  • To provide timely and effective response to client needs.
  • To comply with statutory requirements.
  • To gender mainstream in all endeavors
  • To provide consistent, true, accurate and clear advice and information.
  • To provide impartial judgment to clients and stakeholders.
  • To respect our clients.

9.2 Clients’ Rights and obligations:

       9.2.1 Clients’ Obligations

  • Compliance to the Public Service Regulations and Circulars.
  • To provide true, accurate and timely information as and when required.
  • To treat Departmental staff with courtesy.
  • To avail themselves as and when required, punctually and with commitment.

       9.2.2 Clients’ Rights

  •  Access to information pertinent to their activities
  •  Privacy and confidentiality
  •  Access to service
  •  Give feedback or lodge complaints
  • To be heard
  • Enjoy benefits of their conditions of service
  • Fair treatment