Preamble- The Ministry of Mines and Mining Development has its key deliverable as the generation of       revenue for the Nation of Zimbabwe through mining. In the whole mining value chain the Ministry does business with a varietyof external and internal clients. The Ministry makes a commitment to provide a service to the specified quality standards and within stated limits

Vision – to be the provider of a world class mining environment for the benefit of Zimbabwe by 2020

Mission- to promote sustainable exploration, mining, processing, marketing and management of mineral resources for the benefit of all Zimbabweans

Values- integrity





Mandate- formulating of mining development policies

                 -monitoring and evaluating the implementation of of mining development policies

                 -designing mechanisms geared at effective accounting for the country’s mineral resources

                 -administering and reviewing mining laws

                 -attracting investment in the mining industry

                 -promoting beneficiation of mineral resources

                 -exploring, developing and beneficiating coal bed methane

                 - promoting and developing small-scale mining

              -facilitating the indigeniasation of the mining sector

              - supervising and co-ordinating mining parastatals and State enterprises  

Service commitment and standards

We undertake to:-

  • Identify ourselves when serving clients
  • Label our offices and desks to facilitate out client’s access to us
  • Attend to our clients within three minutes of arrival
  • Treat clients with respect and courtesy
  • Be transparent, sensitive and responsive
  • Give clear, accurate and timely information
  • Answer phone within three rings
  • Issue export permits within 24 hours of receipt of application
  • Attend to all fatal mine accidents within 24 hours
  • Issue Blasting Licences, Diplomas and certificates within ten days of candidates passing examinations
  • Provide mining loans and equipment within six months of receipt of application, subject to availability of funds
  • Provide prompt desktop geological advice to visiting clients
  • Promoting and developing small-scale mining
  • Facilitating the indigenization of the mining sector


Obligations and rights

Ministry’s obligations to clients:

  • Provision of quality service
  • Gender mainstreaming all Ministry activities
  • Uphold ethical conduct
  • Provide accurate information timely

Clients’ Rights

  • Access to appropriate information and services
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Access to mineral rights
  • To be heard
  • Feedback on complaints
  • Appeal for review in ministry decisions

Commitment to special interest groups

  • Recognize and cater for special interests groups
  • Access to mining rights

Client’s Obligations

  • Compliance to the Mines and minerals Act and related statutes
  • Providing accurate and timely information
  • Treating Ministry staff with courtesy
  • Upholding ethical behavior


The Ministry welcomes constructive criticism and feedback about services, as well as appreciation and suggestions on how the Ministry might improve them 

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