To enable the sustainable development of the mining industry consistent with sound health, safety and environmental management through the delivery of quality services for the best contribution to the social and economic well – being of Zimbabwe

Services offered

  1. Mine Inspection /Audit work:
  • Inspect all producing mining locations
  • Inspect statutory mine plans every six months


  1.  Mine Emergency /Accident Investigation Work:
  • Attend to all mining related emergencies immediately
  • Investigate all fatal and serious accidents within 24 hrs.


  1.   Provision of Explosives Permits and Licence Services:
  • Issue all permits /licences pertaining to explosives within five working days of inspection or receipt of supporting information or payment of fees as the case may be


  1. Statutory Examination Services :
  • Issue all types of blasting licences within two working days  of taking examination
  • Issue Mining and Engineering Diplomas and Certificates of Competency within five working days of approval of results by the Board of Examiners.


  1.   Statutory Applications for Exemptions :


  • Deal with all applications for Re – Entry permissions within ten working days of the date of receipt of application and payment of appropriate service fees
  • Deal with all applications for Exemption from compliance of the statutory provisions


  1.    Advisory Mine Visit  Requests :


  • Carry out requested mine visits within ten working days of the receipt of request
  • Provide all requested environmental /ventilation services


  1.     Equipment Loan /Hire Services


  • Provide Equipment loan /hire services within 20 working days from the receipt of request
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