1. LAN Expansion:- Installation of LAN infrastructure for the Ministry’s Head Office, at the Zimre Centre and Metallurgy has been completed. Resources to setup LAN infrastructure for the Geological Survey department and three Provincial Mining Offices (Mash West, Midlands & Masvingo) are currently being mobilised.
  2. ICT Equipment Audit:- The department is currently in the process of auditing the ICT equipment in the Ministry so as to ascertain the type and stock levels of equipment that the Ministry has.  Auditing of the Head Office (Zimre Centre, Geological Survey, Metallurgy department, Mash East, Mash West and Mash Central Provincial Mining Offices) has been completed.

  3. Website Development:- The department has embarked on the redesigning of the Ministry website in order to make it as user friendly as is possible.
  4. Mining Title System (Mining Cadastre Information Management System):- The department is playing a significant role in providing ICT technical guidance on the computerisation of the Mining Title System processes for the benefit of the Government and all stakeholders through improved service delivery.