The Department of Finance and Administration is a service department that plays a pivotal role as a strategic partner to all departments of the Ministry in achieving their departmental goals and in achieving the overall goals of the Ministry.

The department is responsible for providing the following services;-

  1. Financial services
  2. Procurement services
  3. Administration services
  4. Internal management services , inter-alia


The Department of Finance and Administration derives its overall mandate from the Constitution of Zimbabwe Part 4 Section 308 subsection (2) and (3)

‘(2) It is the duty of every person who is responsible for the expenditure of public funds to safeguard the funds and ensure that they are spent only on legally authorised purposes and in legally authorised amounts.

(3) It is the duty of every person who has custody or control of public property to safeguard the property and ensure that it is not lost, destroyed, damaged, misapplied or misused.”

The department is headed by a Director responsible for Finance and Administration who is deputized by a Chief Accountant and a Deputy Director Administration responsible for financial services and administration services respectively.