The Geology of the Midlands Province, Zimbabwe

The Midlands Province is located in the central part of Zimbabwe and includes the following towns Gweru (the provincial capital), Kwekwe, Shurugwi, Zvishavane, Mberengwa and Mvuma which are predominantly mining towns, and includes Gokwe North and Gokwe South Districts which are also surrounded by mining activities, see figure 1 below.


The Midlands province contains rocks ranging in age from 3.7 G.a  years to recent and diverse mineral deposits. The midlands Province is underlain by the Zimbabwean Craton containing granite greenstone belts extending from Mberengwa through Shurugwi, Gweru, Mvuma, Kwekwe into Gokwe South districts. The granite greestone terraine consists primarily Early Precambrian rocks of Sebakwian, Bulawayan (basaltic, andesitic and dacitic meta volcanics) and Shamvaian (metasediments and felsic metavolcanics) super groups. The granite greenstone terrain was intruded by a lopolith Y-shaped dyke 2.575 G.a. years ago, commonly called the Great Dyke. The Great Dyke cuts through the Midlands Province in a north –southerly direction stretching from west of Mberengwa through Zvishavane, east of Shurugwi, and cutting between Kwekwe and Mvuma towards Selous into Mashonaland West Province.  The westerly boundary of the Midlands Province (MP) is bounded by the Karoo Super Group of rocks extending from Gokwe South to Gokwe North. The following figure 1 indicates the geology map of Zimbabwe.

Figure 2: Geology Map of Zimbabwe: Sourced from Geological Survey of Zimbabwe


The MP hosts some of the major mineral deposits in Zimbabwe namely iron ore, coal, chromite, Platinum Group Elements, Gold, diamonds and nickel. Other mineral occurrences include emeralds, antimony, tantalite, calcite/ dolomite, copper and lithium.

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